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Quick question. The setup is that I have has one source and two destinations, one being a headset and one being a recording unit.


I recently just wasted $10 on one of these little guys  only to find that I'm getting no audio from either the headset or the recorder. However, when I hold the cable from the source up to the cable to my headset and put them head to head in my hand, I get sound. So the problem is not the cables, the headset/recorder, or the source at all, but it must be the splitter.


I assumed that the strength of the signal, since the splitter is passive, is rendered too weak to be used by either the recorder or the headset (which is connected to a mixamp) thus leaving me with nothing on either fronts. My question is:  would one of these solve my issue?  


Thanks for any input.

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Originally Posted by Vic-Boss  /t/1522295/question-on-splitting-digital-audio-toslink#post_24476111

I could really use a word on this from you experts.

Either the splitter device is defective or the source component has a weak transmitter LED. Maybe some of the cable ends aren't fitting just right.

There are a number of alternatives but they are potentially bulky, ugly and far more costly.

If your equipment also has coax inputs and outputs, sometimes one can get away with just using a regular y-cable as your splitter.

This can work if the sending device has a powerful line driver/transmitter on its output. I lucked out on my TV set and was able to split its digital output into a surround decoder and an AVR at the same time with just a Y cable. The book may not be happy but I am! ;-)

The full-tilt boogy involves going on a very high road. You have to obtain 2 optical-to-coax converters and a coax splitter which is also known as a video Distribution Amplifier (DA). The Y cable approach may work instead of the DA. Then, if all you have is optical inputs, you have to obtain a coax-to-optical converter. $50 or more will have fled your wallet! ;-(
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