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Question on the Mitsibishi WD62725

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I have found out that the TOSHIBA 62HM94 USES DTV LINK rather than i link

This is no use to me because i want to timer record hi def broadcasts from the internal tuner on the tv.

Can anyone confirm if the MITSIBISHI WD62725 works with a dvhs machine and allows a link between the off air built in tuner built in to the tv and the dvhs machine

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Yes, a DVHS recorder will be able to record from the OTA tuner on the TV... I have a Mits. HD2000U connected to my 52725 and OTA recordings work fine. I have yet to get recordings from the cablecard/QAM tuner to work.... that may be a cable company issue still...

BTW, DTV link is the same as what you are looking for... an MPEG2 video stream output over an IEEE1394 connector. iLink is I think mainly used for audio... the Mitsubishi supports DTVLink...
Right now i have a TOSHIBA 62HM94 hooked up to my JVC DVHS MACHINES.

I have just been told by THE HEAD GUY AT TOSHIBA SERVICE that after much research they have discovered that none of the tvs they sell with internal hi def tuners will work with dvhs machines because dvhs USE firewire i link but TOSHIBA USE DTV IEE which is infact a diff thing and will not work.

So i need to find a tv that has a tuner which has IEE FIREWIRE NOT IEE DTV

It sounds like the MITS is the way to go.

Although it might be just as easy to buy the external SAMSUNG ONE SIRT165 which has firewire on it.

DOES YOUR MISTS allow for timer recording in high def using your dvhs machine ?

And does it download a tv guide and allow you to set shows using that.

Just wondering

Thanks for the reply
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The one drawback with the Mitsubishi is that you can't tune to another channel while recording using the firewire port... there is only one digital tuner so it makes sense... but you can turn the TV off and still have a timed recording setup through the TV... the gemstar guide is available on the 825... the 725 will have a guide only if the channel broadcasts it.
So the 725 doesnt have GEMSTAR?

What im looking for is something that will allow me to set my DVHS to record maybe 2-3 weeks in advance and maybe something i can input a date for the machine to timer record on a daily basis.

Since the DVHS machines do not have this feature only with non firewire hookups then you have to use external devices for that.

Since i go overseas twice a year i would love to come back and find 4 hours worth of high def shows recorded on my dvhs.

But as yet i cant find anything to do this.

So my question is can the MITS 725 do this ?

Or will it only allow you to record weekly from the 7 day guide.
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I don't think you can do several weeks in advance, but you can set up Netcommand on the TV for a recording that is up to a week later. The 725 does not have a Gemstar guide, but the 825 will eventually have it after a firmware update to be available soon.
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