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Originally Posted by ctcsoft /forum/post/12905505

I found this screen awhile back. Its 100" electric but is it any good?

I will have this in my basement totally dark no light.


I want to buy a screen within the next 2 hours. Please tell me if this screen is alright for the $$.


There's an elite screen owners thread; try your direct question there. I was perusing it the other day and most owners are generally happy, especially considering the amount of money they save. A few problems I saw on that thread involve either damaged casings during shipping, less-than-stellar customer service (but that's true almost everywhere anymore), and waves/ripples in the surface of the screen.

I almost went with an elite fixed frame, but changed my mind due to the temporary nature of my room. I ended up going with a 106" Da-Lite Deluxe Model B manual model since it has a tensioner to minimize waves and has a fairly good reputation. However, it's about $100 out of your price range. If you consider this screen to be somewhat temporary (as I do with my Da-Lite; will go with a Carada probably when I finish the basement), I don't think you could really go wrong with the elite screen. As much as I love electronics and technology, I went with a manual screen since I foresee more problems likely with a cheap electric screen.

Another option for you is to look at newegg (they sell elite screens) and look at user reviews, and/or type in the screen model number in google followed by "reviews" and see what owners think about it. Good luck!
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