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I just got a new monitor (LG m237wd 22" 1080p) and I hooked it up to my laptop running vista ultimate 64 with a nvidia 9800m gs. It looked like crap, well at least the text was super hard to read. I waited a couple of hours then tried to calibrate it, which helped a little but not much. I messed with every setting I knew of on the monitor and the computer to try to get it to look better. After about an hour I decided to hook it up to another computer (running vista home premium 32 bit and an unknown video card) and it looked a whole lot better. I decided to try and change my nvidia control panel settings to be the same as they were on the other computer and that helped a little more, but not a ton.

Well does anyone know of any other settings that might have an affect on the clarity of the text (I have also messed with cleartype which didn't make a difference)

PS sorry if this is in the wrong place.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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