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Question re: Samsung SIR T150

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I've read conflicting statements regarding the T150 handling SD broadcasts. It was stated emphatically that this unit only handles HD.

Do these specs from a vendor website say the opposite?

Tunes and decodes all 18 approved ATSC DTV broadcast formats.

Decodes Dolby Digital DTV broadcasts.

Selectable outputs for matching 480i/480P/720P/1080i native display formats.

Outputs standard definition NTSC 480i via S-Video and RCA type outputs.

Component Video Y, Pb, Pr outputs.

Are SD broadcasts the existing analog channels?

Also, does the output switch in the rear need to changed with the signal coming in or do you set it for 1080i if your using a 16:9 set as opposed to a 4:3 that does the squeeze?

Thanks in advance for your replies.


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The Samsung SIR-T150 tunes and decodes only digital broadcasts, not analog. SDTV broadcasts are digital. http://www.hdtv.org/glossary.html

The output switch can be left in the position for the resolution compatible with your display.
Gary, like Signal said, the Samsung only handles digital signals. I just got this unit. It picks up 480p (Fox), 720p (ABC) & 1080i (NBC & PBS) broadcasts only.
Brajesh confuses the answer, which is that this stb 'tunes and decodes only digital broadcasts, not analog'.

Most of the day the local DTV stations broadcast SD material. If you use this stb you will receive all the programming provided by digital stations in all resolutions, and it will usually duplicate the content of their NTSC broadcasts.


It cannot hurt to mention the $100 rebate available from

Samsung for their Digital Television Tuners (including SIR-T150 http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/wink.gif ).

Hurry though, the offer expires is only good for tuners bought 6/1 through 8/31.
Thanks to all for the replies, they help me understand HD better. I spoke to UPS and I should have the unit tomorrow.

I spent the weekend re-doing my coax lines from my OTA antenna as well as installing a rotor. I'm receiving a very clear picture on all my VHF and UHF channels so hopefully by tomorrow evening I will be enjoying my new toy.

Thanks again for your replies.


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