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I'm a little late to the AV receiver changes that have occurred across the past 4-5 years. I'm running with an older Sony receiver that I'm only using to switch Audio.

I'd like to make the move to a good receiver that can switch all of my devices, for both audio AND video. I have a decent set of Klipsch speakers that I will be hooking up to it. I would like to run ONE hdmi output cable from the receiver to the TV, for video output. I do not plan on using the TV's speakers, I would like the receiver to use the Klipsch surround speakers for all audio output.

The things I'm a little unfamiliar with, is:

(1) the ability of these receivers to switch DIFFERENT video source TYPES (hdmi, component, DVI, etc) to one hdmi output. I know that many receivers have multiple HDMI in to one HDMI out, but what about if the source is not HDMI (like component), will it *convert* this to HDMI out?

(2) for my sources that do HDMI out (xbox 360, DVD player), can the receiver recognize the surround sound audio on the HDMI in, and then send the video HDMI out, but process the audio and use the speakers on the receiver? In other words, do I still need to use the optical audio output on my devices at the same time as the hdmi? Or will the receiver successfully process the audio as it sees it come in on the HDMI cable?

(3) I have a laptop that has a DVI connector. Is there a way to get the video from the laptop processed through a AV receiver?

(4) Would love it to have a ipod connector.

And of course, would love to do it as cheaply as possible.
I am NOT an audiophile who can recognize the differences between brands or sound quality. If it sounds 'pretty good' and can do the type of switching I'm describing above, I'm good to go!! Any chance such a device exists for ~$300 or less?

Thanks for any help!
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