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Question Regarding Harmony 1000

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One thing that I was wondering about this remote is I know you can have it say activities like Play Game. But Can I have it have all these:

Play Xbox 360 Elite

Play Wii

Play PS3

Watch Comcast.

I hope it does. If anyone that has this remote if they could please answer that for me
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No. The PS3 and Wii are bluetooth devices so right now there is no universal remote available that would allow you to control them
Actually the Wii is not bluetooth it is IR. But I dont want it to turn them on but set the tv settings and reciever settings so all I have to do is Press the controller to play
to clarify... here is the description of the wii remote from wikipedia... technically it is both IR and Bluetooth but it communicates with the unit via Bluetooth which is why you need to "activate" new controllers when they are added to the system

from wiki:

The Wii Remote is a one-handed controller that uses a combination of accelerometers and infrared detection (from an array of LEDs inside the Sensor Bar) to sense its position in 3D space. This design allows users to control the game using physical gestures as well as traditional button presses. The controller connects to the console using Bluetooth, and features rumble and an internal speaker. The Wii Remote can connect to other devices through a proprietary port at the base of the controller. The device bundled with the Wii retail package is the Nunchuk unit, which features an accelerometer and a traditional analog stick with two trigger buttons. In addition, an attachable wrist strap can be used to prevent the player from unintentionally dropping or throwing the Wii Remote. In response to incidences of strap failures, Nintendo is offering a free stronger replacement for all straps.[38]

But enough of that. I have my RTI remote program just as you described so when I hit "Play PS3" all of my other equipment turns on to the correct state and I am brought to a page with a pic of the PS3 controller and a map labeling the X and [] buttons with their corresponding BluRay disc commands. Unfortunately you cannot do this with the Harmony 1000 because they don't give you the ability to customize your pages. The best you can do is create a new "Watch TV 2" activity that puts everything in the right input and then just ignore whatever landing page they give you.
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I currently still have my harmony 1000 (Returning it tomorrow). I also have the xbox 360, a PS3, a Wii and a PS2 hooked up to my main setup. With the Harmony 1000 you can setup "Game" activities. These will be icons (Actually 360 controller icons) that when you press them will change all of your inputs to whatever they need to be and than you will turn on your Wii/PS3 with your game controller.

The PS3 and the Wii remotes are both Bluetooth remotes. The Wii only uses IR for triangulation but not controll.

You cannot command any of your Wii/PS3 system with the Harmony. You can command a 360 since it's IR based.

I am returning the harmony, due to the fact that I wanted something with more customizability. I went with an MX-3000 with RF Base... LOVE IT!

Good Luck

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The Harmony 1000 is not customizable????

Who makes the MX-3000?
The Harmony is customizable, just not as much as gromet would like. You can easily add activities for almost any device. You can add commands from any device to any activity. You just can not change the basic location of those commands (ie which page they are on) or size of the buttons. In the normal play/pause screen you also can not change the size or layout. It is easy though to move commands for other devices over to any activity and then change the order that the buttons appear to your liking.

Do not buy this remote now, however, as the RF and Zwave capability are broken big time. Until Harmony fixes the software this remote is cripled at best.
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