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I am a DirecTV customer living in a Pegasus service area. I ordered my service when I lived at a DirecTV location and DirecTV hasn't forced me to switch to Pegasus, even though my service address and phone number on my DirecTV account are Pegasus.

I have been wanting to call and do two things:

1. Order the extra TiVo at $99 using FFDVR and

2. Get DirecTV to send me a free/reduced price LNB dish when I sign up for ESPN HD or Discovery HD (I also have a TV with a built in RCA HD Tuner)

What will happen if I order these two things, both of which require professional installation?

I would like to get the dish installed because I have a sharply pitched roof. I don't need any new wires run, but I would like to have the 4x8 multiswitch that comes with the TiVo.

Will the installer know that it is a Pegasus area? I have friends that live less than a mile away and they are in a DirecTV area. Same city, different zip codes.
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