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OK, so my deployment vacation to Honduras is almost complete and I'll be heading back to San Antonio the first week of January.

So, my time here and before I've been researching what tv to buy to replace my 200 pound Sony Triniton. I've decided on getting the Pioneer Elite 111FD with the possibility of waiting for 10g...depending on the time frame for them being released. I also plan on buying a BDP-05FD Blu Ray (or a newer model if one comes out) and pairing it with my old Elite 45tx receiver by way of analog outputs.

So, I have a few questions which I haven't seen and if I've missed...I apologize. I will not go into when the 10g's are going to released since another thread has that covered ... though I've read on another forum that it could be as early as May. However, that same forum also mentioned that the current 9G's use panasonic glass.

Am I correct in assuming that the following will work correctly and I will have no issues?

Blu Ray > HDMI > TV

Blu Ray > Analog > Receiver

HTPC > HDMI > TV (possibly Rampage Formula onboard sound w/ 9800GTX)

HTPC > Optical > Receiver

Cable Box > HDMI > TV

Cable Box > Optical > Receiver

I am more worried about the sound if anything. Of course I want the best sound out of the Blu Ray which is while I'll go analog. However, I shouldn't have issues using the combination HDMI with Optical for the other components? I do not want to upgrade my receiver...I still think it has a few years left.

My other question...and this is just generic. Why does the UK have so many variations of the Plasma displays? Is there any chance that the US will get a model similar to the KRP-500A with the external box? Also...what are the UK equivalents to the US Elite models?

Once again, I apologize if these are vague and pointless questions.



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I do not know much about the European models so can't help you there, but yes the way you listed everything to be set up is perfectly fine. One thing I do suggest is to grab an antennae for OTA and run optical from the TV to the receiver for that. This is only because the cable box will automatically chose the resolution to send and some channels send in 720p when most people leave their box to 1080i. By doing so you eliminate the box doing additional scaling and have the TV receive it and it will properly send the sound to your receiver as well.
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