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I currently have a Sharp XV-H37VUA, I have been happy with the projector and havn't really had any problems at all with the unit (just recently noticed dust in the lens) but the problem is that it seems as if the bulb blows quite often... are there different quality bulbs for this unit? I could be wrong, but is seems as if it has only lasted maybe 300 to 400 hours.

Instead of buying a new bulb, I was thinking about purchasing a new projector. I did as much research as I think I can come across to satisfy myself that with my BUGET I would be happy with the BenQPB8230 DLP.

My question for someone... Do you think that purchasing this new BenQ will be a DRASTIC improvement in visual quality, or just a nominal difference? I really don't want to fork out that much money to just notice a slight difference. Am I really missing a lot not having the DLP technology? And what about the 2500 Lumens on the BenQ compared to what I have read as being a very bright 250 Lumens on my Sharp? Will this be noticable?

Last Question. If the Lumens are as much of an increase as I think they SHOULD BE, will it be TOO bright for viewing in a dark theater room?

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.


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