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I am attempting to convert one of my HD-DVDs into a Blu-Ray BD-R.

I seem to be real close, as I end up with a Blu-Ray structure that plays (from the Hard Drive), except I have an audio sync problem with the last part of the disc.

I used AnyDVD to get the HD-DVD files to .evo files. However, this particular disc has 3 .evo files. They are (for example)



Part 2.evo

I load them into tsMuxeR as follows:

ADD: Part1-1.evo

JOIN: Part1-2.evo

JOIN: Part2.evo

Which displays in the GUI as:




I select "Change fps to '30000/1001'

Select the output to be "Blu-Ray Disc"

and let it rip.

I then have a Blu-Ray Structure on my HD. If I open Total Media Theater 3 Platinum and "Open Disc Folder" on the newly created disc folder, the video and audio (DTS-HD) is perfect. However, the video that was in the "Part2.evo" section is out of sync with the audio. Video and Audio from both Part1-1.evo and Part1-2.evo are in PERFECT sync! (??)

As a test, I just did the Part2.evo file by itself and TMT3 opened and played it fine, in perfect sync.

Can anyone help here? I'm very new to all this and I may be doing something wrong (obviously)


NOTE: I also tried doing EVOdemux on the AnyDVD files, then using tsMuxeR GUI 1.10.6 and I get the same result.
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