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Hey peeps im on the market for a new TV. Right now I have it narrowed down between the Vizio GV42L LCD HDTV and a Phillips LCD (not sure about the name), both are 42".

Im not an expert when it comes to my TVs so I have just a few general questions here. Whats the difference between LCD and plasma? Which one is better?

Which TV would I get the better 'bang for my buck'? The Vizio or the phillips?
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There are plenty of threads and websites devoted to the differences between plasma and LCD, so I won't take the time to answer that part of the question.

I have the Vizio 42" LCD you are referring to, and I love it. Aside from a minor screen issue which Vizio tech support was quick to schedule a guy to some out for a look-see, I've had no issues with it.

Here's a pic of my set:
Do lots of reading on the sticky threads up top. What are your planned sources for the TV? Room conditions (e.g. lighting, viewing distance, etc...) Whats your budget? All will factor your choice.

I just got the Sammy 46" 720p (too far viewing distance to notice difference in 720 v 1080) and love it.
Hey thanks guys for the responses. This is a very informative site. I like the Vizio alot Im leaning more towards that one. Its a sleek nice looking TV. Im looking at spending about $1400-1500 on a TV. Its a fairly decent size room with dem lighting. The TVs ive been looking at are at best buy and Sams and radio shaq. I like that Akai brand too. Sams I hear has good customer support. Im also looking at a phillips 42" 768p. At this point Im just looking at what I can get for with the best of my money im planning on spending.

Nice pic jamski.
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