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Questions About Converting To A Media Server (Long)

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I have a fairly large collection of VHS tapes and DVD's that I would like to someday convert to a hard drive based system accessible through my home theater system. I've been reading the various threads regarding TVIX with great interest, but I'm pretty new to the media server concept. Before I go out and invest in a machine like this, I'd like to hear what kind of setups some of you have and how you go about the process of converting your tapes and DVDs.

VHS tapes - Should I run my VCR's output into my computer via firewire through my camcorder? Or should I run my VCR's output into a set top DVD recorder and burn DVDs? Assuming the tapes are in decent condition, will there really be much benefit in running the VCR's output through a TBC? Should I invest in a high-end VHS or SVHS deck for this process? Obviously I want to avoid signal loss and digital compression artifacts as much as possible.

DVDs - I have a combination of commercial and homemade DVDs. When I record my own DVDs, I use a Toshiba set top box that creates files with VOB, BUP, and IFO extensions. Is this pretty standard? Will TVIX and/or similar units support those files types? Do I need a special tool to extract the files to my hard drive? And is the process any different with commercial discs? (I assume most are copy protected.)

TVIX - Is the 4100-SH the way to go, or is there a better unit? How stable are these things - are they prone to crashing, overheating, etc? How scaleable are they? I'm guessing I'll need at least 2 TB of space just for starters. Does the TVIX have multiple slots for hard drives? If not, can I purchase a multidrive unit that will meet my needs, or will I need to build something from scratch? What kind of picture quality can I expect when viewed on an HDTV?

I know this is a lot (and some are quite generic), but some of these 90-page threads are way too much to sift through. If there is a good beginner's thread or FAQ, feel free to point me in the right direction. Thank you!!
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The one bit I can answer is that the TVIX can have only one internal drive, but has two sockets for connection to external USB drives.
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