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I have seen quite a bit of information about these questions in this

forum. But I cannot quite extract exactly the answers I am looking

for. Some of it goes over my head. Sorry if this sounds like a

repeat. I'm hoping someone can put the answer in simple enough and

direct terms.

1) Is a high quality direct view HDTV monitor (with DVI) supposed to

look as good as a VGA computer monitor?

I have the Panasonic CT-34WX53, and even over the DVI input, an HD

OTA feed on it does not look as good as the same HD OTA feed over

VGA to my cheapo computer monitor. I was guessing that an HDTV

monitor should rival a vga monitor.

If not, what widescreen display with a 34" diag or above--direct

view, LCD, plasma, or otherwise--when viewed from its normal

viewing distance (about 8 to 12 feet) will give you picture quality

like a VGA as viewed from its normal viewing distance of about 1.5


I want to sit at my couch at 8 to 10 feet and feel like I'm sitting

at my VGA monitor in terms of picture quality.

2) Is there any issue with feeding an HDTV monitor DVI from an HTPC?

On page 12, the manual for my Panasonic CT-34WX53, says of the DVI

input, "This DVI input terminal is compliant with the EIA-861

standard and is not intended for use with personal computers."

I don't know exactly what that means. But I have read on AVS that

there are some issues.

However, DVI input from a MyHD DVI daughtercard on a PC worked as

long as the MyHD did (I am having major issues with MyHD) except

that I was expecting it to look as good as or better than my VGA

monitor, which it did not.

From reading around I have inferred the following. Can anyone let me

know if any of these statements sound right or wrong?

1) HDTV's are analog whereas VGA monitors are digital (as least at

some levels).

2) HDTV's DVI handle different signals from computer monitor DVI inputs

(i.e. the EIA-861 thing).

3) HDTV's cannot handle VGA card DVI ouputs without help from

something like PowerStrip.

4) The DVI output from MyHD must be different from that of a VGA DVI

card, since it works with my Panasonic CT-34WX53.

5) HDTV's do not have picture quality as good as VGA monitors.

Other Questions


1) Is the DVI output from a MyHD card in fact different from that of a

VGA DVI graphics card?

2) Would my Panasonic CT-34WX53 also display the output from a VGA DVI

since it displays the output from the MyHD?

Plug and Pray
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