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I've been reading through several posts looking for ideas for my stage. I still have some questions specific to my room and wanted to get some recommendations.

Theater is in the basement. One wall is painted concrete block which I plan to hang acoustic panels over. The floor is concrete slab with laminate wood floors sitting on underlayment, like this http://www.homedepot.com/p/Roberts-...t-with-Microban-70-105/202299502?N=5yc1vZbejl. I'll be dropping a black area rub on the home theater portion of the room. I'll be using Roxul, Safe 'n' sound instead of sand to fill the cavities.

I see everyone using PT lumber, but wanted to know thoughts on just using regular framing lumber.

Besides the roofing felt, which I'll be placing over the laminate wood floors, should I place anything else? I've seen some people placing thin rubber flooring. If I should, would something like this be ok? http://www.homedepot.com/p/Multy-Ho...cial-Rubber-Flooring-Roll-MT4000022/205641109


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that looks very similar to Serenity mat which is a recommended rubber mat for Home Theaters. Basically recycled tires. I can't homestly say that you will hear the difference with or without.
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