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Other things to include in the FAQ...

Where to buy? Prices?

Ceiling mounting


- Which screens work well?

- Which screens don't work well?

- How much gain?

Calibration tips

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doesn't look like anyone is following through on Dave's suggestion in the other thread, so here's one thats just for questions. as a newbie projector (potential) owner, i definately have a lot of basic ones and i'll include some of those, even though i realize the majority here will find those questions groan inducing. if the projector is being moved out at this new price, i suspect there will be many more first time FP'ers thanks to Dell.

if this thread can just be kept to listing questions, it may be easier to compile later and sort, for whenever a dedicated LT150 site gets off the ground

sorry if some of these are TOO basic, i don't actually have one yet. i'm sure you experienced owners could come up with much more scintilating ones.

just to start it off-

Basic Projector Questions:

what is meant by throw distance?

How do you calculate throw distance?

difference between DLP & LCD

LT150 specific:

why is there a FAQ/Site dedicated to this projector?

whats the difference between this and a much more expensive HT specific DLP

do you need a scaler with the LT150?

which connection gives the best picture?

how hot does it get?

how loud?

do you need to build a hushbox?

which is the recommended spot to project from- floor or ceiling.

how bad are the rainbows?

is there any way to lessen their effects?

whats the best screen to use?

some people have said higher gain screens have exacerbated the rainbow effect, while others say low gain screens are a poor match-who's right?

are there any specific progressive scan players recommended to use with this?

how easy is it to set up

how long does the bulb last/cost?

any suggestions for a masking system?

how hard is it to adjust this projector to accomodate fixed height/ variable width screen set ups?

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