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After reading all the positive responses to the PN51D7000 and a few things to be wary of I just ordered one from Amazon with a 10% amazon cc discount and the 3D kit bundled in given the great price (couldnt get the discount for the bluray, but have an Oppo 93). So I am planning to run it with a high end 2 channel stereo in our bedroom that is essentially a DAC with a preamp and power amp. I have few quick questions:

1. The DAC/preamp has a regular analog RCA line-in as well as multiple digital inputs... I cant find much information from the online documentation, but I assume there is some sort of 91) dongle I can attatch that will convert the output to analog rca plug or (2) that the optical output (or RCA digital output?) can be switched from surround sound digital output (5.1 or whatever) to a normal 2-channel PCM digital output? This is what my Oppo supposedly does and I plan to use it as a CD transport as well as DVD/BLURAY player.

2. I decided to skip the squaretrade warranty, despite being able to buy it for only $100 with a discount code... Just curious if I change my mind how much time I have to add it? Within 60 or 90 days? Its hard to tell from the documentation. Given Samsung's reputation and the various problems I have read about - I am assuming one would be a wise choice, as it looks like the prevalence of problems is far beyond 5% (despite the sample bias here)

3. Any slim wall mounts people recommend - I saw a few negative remarks about the monoprice mounts with regards to Samsungs as supposedly the holes are somewhat off (which doesnt make much sense to me as arent they a standard VESA arrangement?)? Salamander Designs?

4. Trying to find some documentation or download for a USB flashdrive image/screen conditoner (not sure what is called again - I burned a dvd for my old kuro 42inch when I bought it)? Any recs as to what do with regards to conditioning the screen at the outset - or a source of documentation/reference for this procedure... Admittedly I havent yet looked through the forum on this, which I will do shortly...


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