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I'm using Onkyo TX-NR1009. Have done Audyssey Full Calibration. Speaker set-up is 9.2 with SB + FH. Have upgraded firmware to the latest one 1131-1299-0211-3107.

May I seek advice on 2 queries?

1) Audyssey Full Calibration had calculated the speaker distances correctly & the indiv speaker vol levels sounded correctly. However, when I played any blu ray movie in Audyssey DSX or Pro Logic IIx+Audyssey, the Surround LR & Surround Back LR sounded more prominent but the Front LR sounded less impactful. Is this normal?

Centre & 2 Subs sounded correct.

The calibrated distances & indiv speaker vol levels are as follows:

Speaker Distance (metres) Level (dB)

Front Height Left 3.3 0

Front Left 3.15 -1

Centre 2.7 -3.5

Front Right 3.15 -1

Front Height Right 3.3 0

Surround Left 1.5 0

Surround Back Left 1.35 -1

Surround Back Right 1.35 -1

Surround Right 1.5 0

Subwoofer 2.1 -10.5

2) When I tried Neo:X Cinema, it sounded more dynamic than Audyssey DSX. Though the 1009's screen showed all 9 speakers active & when I pressed on the Display button on the remote, it also showed "H" for Height speakers, I didn't hear any sound from the FH speakers even when I climb up to listen to the FH speakers in Neo:X Cinema mode, for any blu ray movies. No such problem with Audyssey mode. Is there something wrong?

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