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questions on Denon 1708

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I love the fact that the Denon 1708 has multi Audyessy, will this help open the sweet spot as much as I thinck it will (How much wieght should I give to this feature?)

I am confused I know the 1708 will upconvert.

I read that the 1708 will not upconvert audio to HDMI. Is this true?

I read that the 1708 will not upconvert analog video to HDMI. Is this true?

What are the limitations of upconverting on the 1708?

I would like to run 1 HDMI cable (video and sound) to my TV and have

composit VCR,Wii,DVD


optical CD
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I don't know if this is possible in a $500 reciever. So I was wondering what is the most inexpensive reciever that will upconvert every input both analog an digital up to HDMI, or a resonable priced reciever that will at least upconvert anlog video to componet.
I actually bought a 1708 and returned it the very next day. No, it does not output analog over HDMI and no, it does not process audio over HDMI. The only thing it does, as far as I could tell, is switch HDMI video. Also the sound quality felt a lot to be desired, such that my 7 year old Pioneer theatre-in-a-box receiver sounded better.

I ended up stepping up to the 888 (2308 minus second remote) and have been much happier since.

PS, I'm pretty sure the 1708 will upconvert S video to component, it just won't upscale it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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