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I tried to get an answer to this by reading the DVI specs.

Needless to say that I didnt succeed )

I have been hearing a lot about doing Native resolution from HTPC

through DVI.

( I have a Pio PDP-5040HD plasma display and a Windows Med center based PC with ATI X300LS card that has 64 MB memory )

1. In order to do NR through DVI, should it be supported by the display ? (

If yes do you know if PDP-5040HD support NR through DVI )

2. Why is that to do NR, one has to specify a lot of parameters. Why

cant he just specify the number of lines of his display ( like 768 x

1280 in my case )

3. What software does one use typically for HTPC if he already has Windoes Media centre

4. Doess windows Media centre have any builtin support for NR.

5. Does the HTPC display card memory matter a lot after a limit (

Like does a display driver with 256 MB video ram be much better then

one with just 64 MB )

Thanks a lot for reading
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Not open for further replies.