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Questions on Drapery for screen wall

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I am about to order black velvet draperies for my soon to be completed HT. I am planning on a 92" W screen surface. The problem I am expecting will be near the top valence area. My Sanyo 21N will be ceiling mounted. the top of its light cone will just about hit where the ceiling and the wall meet. I will be forcing the 21N into a widescreen format via remote digital scaler. I can shift the active pixel area up or down within the native 4:3 area of the LCD panel so I can place the movie image where I want.

With all of that said, I would like to use a 4.5" valence at the top. That would mean that some inactive portion of my LCD panel's cone would fall on the valence. I am wondering if the black velvet will effectively null the small amount of "less than true black" that is inevitable from the LCD panel. The only other alternative is to drop the projector a bit but that is tough with 96" ceilings.

Any suggestions???


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Actually, you'd be doing much the same thing as we do when we put velvet masks on the top and bottom of our FP screens. I use velvet and I can't detect the existence of the unused portion of the LCD panel.

Not all velvets are the same. Some have shorter "fuzz" than others and are less reflective. I was blessed with having a half dozen sample books to choose from and picked the least reflective, which is almost completely non-reflective.

If your valance is other than a flat piece of velvet, you might get a bit of reflection back from those portions that are at more of a right angle to the viewing spot.

You'll probably have to get a small piece and experiment to know for sure what the result will be. If there is a very slight reflection, it's likely you won't notice it in use. I was projecting a 16:9 picture last night and had my mask set for 2.35:1 and didn't notice right way that I was projecting the picture partially on the velvet. By the way, I have 1400 Ansi Lumens from my projector on a 6' wide picture so it's plenty intense.

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