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Hello everyone. I'm new to this area. Been "hanging out" mostly in the HTPC area for a couple years. Anyway, I picked up one of these at BB last weekend and am so far not very happy with it. The problem is I don't want to run all sources through it. I want the TV to select the source. So here is what I would like to do:

DirectTV HD DVR HDMI out => LG TV HDMI 1


Panasonic BD player => AVR-791 BD HDMI in

AVR-791 HDMI monitor out => LG TV HDMI 3

LG TV Optical out => AVR-791 optical in.

For DTV and HTPC, the TV would work with the AVR off. Turn the TV sound down and set the AVR to TV and add in surround sound when desired.

For BD, sound would natually come from AVR since BD player goes to it first. This is fine. For movies and music we want the best sound we can get.

So this all functions but it seems you can't really operate the AVR unless you have on-screen menus. At least for setting up. Volume works, source works. Try adjusting the bass while watching TV! The system keeps locking up and I have to power down the AVR.

So here is my question: Can I connect a small TV to the AVR's composite video monitor connector and use it solely for the AVR's on-screen display?

I am asking this here because I have to move a lot of heavy furniture to try it!

I'm not happy with the sound yet (at least for HD TV) but I know it should work. For example, music played on the BD player CAN be set to sound very good! We're using Energy speakers with an Audio Source Sub.

If this can't work, I'll have to return it to BB and try and get my Sony fixed (bad input source selector).

Running everything through it so AVR MUST be on is not acceptable because I have the TV on early in the morning when my wife is asleep. And she has it on late at night when I am asleep. I know the AVR has pass-through but imagine trying to set up the remote to turn on the AVR and set it to the desired source then turn it back off.

This configuration worked out great with the Sony AVR and a Harmony One remote. Note: all Audio was from TV for normal viewing and optical to the Sony AVR for surround sound only when desired.

Thanks in advance. I see from this thread this is a good unit and I want to make it work. It's just not meeting my needs yet.

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