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My step father just gave me a UN55D7000 for a house warming present.

It's a great looking TV and the bezel is just super sexy. My dilemma is I think my settings could be a little bit better. I keep fiddling with them thinking I can get more out of it. I have the back light around 6 since it's in my basement and there is no windows for sunlight to leak through. I did disable that Motion Plus setting that causes the soap opera effect but I enabled the LED motion plus since it appears to have o effect on picture quality.

I have a couple questions regarding some settings I'm not to sure about. I have all of them disabled except for the LED Motion Plus. The settings in question are:

1. xvYCC

2. Motion Lighting

3. LED Motion Plus

4. Edge Enhancement

5. Dynamic Contrast

6. 10p White Balance

7. Film Mode

Could someone explain these settings along with the pros and cons. Everything I read says to disable all of them but they don't say why.

I have also heard some people using Game Mode to watch movies and network TV but would Game Mode be ideal for sports? Like I said before. The TV is in my basement where there is recessed lighting on a dimmer. I usually watch movies with the lights out or turned down a lot. I prefer a more natural picture but not to natural. I still like a little bit of pop but not anything near that of Dynamic mode. Currently it's on movie mode with the brightness around 45 and the back light on 6. I understand I your settings might not work for me and I should have it calibrated but would appreciate if someone would give me a starting point with some settings.

Thank you in advance.
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