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Questions to those who use TheaterTek

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I have a HTPC with the following components

Motherboard Asus A8N CSM motherboard

AMD Athlon 64 3800 processor

1GB Ram

TheaterTek 2.3

1. When I start the movie, and right click on the screen the options menu is very jumpy - would not display clearly. I have to pause the movie in order to be able to see the options and select what I need. Anyone has experienced such a problem?

2. Is there a way to globally set the video attributes - brightness, contrast, hue and saturation, so every time I start plying the movie it is being applied?

3. When I try to use /RES 1440 960 when starting the movie it would not take this and only play it in the resolution which is video cart is set to originally (and I do have a space at the end. Any clues?

Thank you in advance.
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What video card do you have? If it is a Nvidia card you should be using VMR9 for output.

When this is done you have to minimize the image before you can right click and get the menu.

The video settings that you mentioned once adjusted you can set as default. Upper right option. If you choose not to set as defaualt TT will keep the setting used only for that DVD and remember it when that DVD is played.

Not sure what you are asking on the last question. Set the resolution of the windows desktop to the resolution that you want TT to play at.

Hope this helps.
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