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I’m looking for some advice in connecting 3 DirecTV DVR’s to 5 TV’s.

All of the source equipment will be in one location in an equipment rack and all connections will be HDMI

I have HDMI over Cat 6 extender runs from the equipment rack to each TV.

What I am trying to accomplish:

Bedroom TV - The ability to watch the DirectTV DVR 3 or the DVD player.

Craft Room TV - Same

Kitchen TV - Same

Living Room TV - The ability to watch the Direct TV DVR 2 or the DVD player or the PS3.

The list of equipment that I am working with:

3 LCD TV’s: One each in the bedroom, craft room & kitchen

2 Plasma’s: One in the living room and one in the basement

3 DirecTV HD DVR’s

1 Playstation 3

1 Sony DVP-CX995V DVD changer

1 Denon AVR-4310CI

This is the diagram of switchers & splitters that I came up with that seems like it would work, but I’m wondering if there would be a better arrangement than this.

Also, will I need just basic HDMI splitters and switches or would I want to use a matrix switcher instead?

I think I know the basics concerning switchers and splitters but not much about matrix switchers.

I like the idea of having just the TV’s mounted on the wall and all of the other source equipment in one place but now I am reading about HDCP handshaking issues and I am concerned that I won’t be able do this as planned.


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