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Quick AVM 30 Question

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Can the AVM30 output a different component source to zone 2? I know it can output composite and s-video from a different source than the main zone, but are both component outputs zone 1 outputs, so that you have to watch the same source in both zones?

This would prevent you from distributing two different satellite receivers to two different zones. One receiver (connected to the AVM30) could be seen in either zone, but the second would have to be exclusive to one zone (unless you distribute s-video from that receiver to the second zone). Is this correct?

Will anything change with the 40, i.e. zone 1 = hdmi, zone 2=component?
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30 views and no AVM30 owners? Anyone? :(
I have a avm20v2, but never tried what your talking about.

Just email or call Anthem tech support, they reply w/in 1 day and are very helpful.


I've just purchased one and don't use anything other than Zone 1, however, the Manual Section 5.2 says:

"Zone2 and Zone3: Routes any audio/video source to other listening/vieweing rooms in your home. The chosen Source can be either the same or different from the Source selected in other paths. Zone2 and Zone3 each have outputs for a TV monitor and 2-channel audio."
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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