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Originally Posted by hurricanenick /forum/post/16836410

They gave me the choice to replace my D64 that had a banding issue. I chose the 85UN btw, but I did not research it. I know it's thinner and that's what I liked. Can someone help me out?

There's far less feedback on the 77U as it's fairly new to the market whereas a wealth of owner feedback is on the 85U at Amazon.

Personally I would go for the newer 77U for it being a ten bit panel and it's black levels and shadow details and color depth are most likely improved as a result. My Sony Z5100 Ten/Ten Bit panel and it's Bravia Engine 3 blows away my Sharp 8 bit panels as a result and any comparison I've ever done between Ten/Eight - Ten easily wins IMO but what truly counts is what your eyes prefer so try an audition if you can.



From SonyStyle:
"A good standard to look for in flat-panel HDTVs (such as LCD) is 10-bit processing and a 10-bit display. It's not uncommon to see 10-bit processors matched with 8-bit displays, but don't be tricked to think that HDTVs with such a setup can match the quality of true 10-bit systems. A 10-bit panel and display creates images with smoother color transitions and more subtle color changes for a picture that is exceedingly natural. The jump from 8 to 10-bit may not sound like much of a difference, but the combination of a 10-bit processor and display can give an HDTV the ability to create and display as much as 64 times the level of color expression versus 8-bit systems."
From Content Producer Magazine:
"Ten-bit processing represents a potentially significant improvement, and the numbers tell the story. Those two extra data bits create four more permutations, thereby quadrupling the potential number of grays from 256 to 1024 shades. It's an effective, if brute force, method to improving the image."
Take a look at the difference Ten Bit makes (It quadruples steps of gray = greater details)

Ten Bit

Eight Bit

Though this demo is Mitsubishi the same principles apply:

Sharp 77U Posting: 10-Bit Panel
"A 10-bit panel is capable of displaying up to approximately one billion colors, while an 8-bit panel is capable of displaying approximately 16 million colors. This means richer color and a more accurate, more brilliant depiction of the world on screen. And you'll get smoother transitions between colors as a 10-bit panel has the ability to show up to 64 times the color variations of an 8-bit panel. This panel technology is a great match with Blu-ray Disc players and high definition game consoles, which take greater advantage of the additional color spectrum and depth."

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