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Quick Panny AE500U or AE500E Question

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I am just about ready to upgrade my ceiling mounted AE100 which has served me extrememly well for almost two years now.

I have the Panasonic mount and love my installation.

I have read as many posts here as I could before wanting to just make sure my expecations are correct.

My questions.

It seems the AE500 should be able to mount right into the same panasonic mounting bracked at my AE100 and keep the same size screen without having to move the ceiling post. Is this correct?

What are the differences between the AE500U and the AE500U is it japanese OSD vs multiple languages? is that the only differences? or is there a power difference to?

Thanks for your help,

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I don't know about going from 100 to 500, but I went from 300 to 500 and it was a simple swap out, no repositioning of the post required.

Maybe you happen to know if going 100 to 300 was an exact match, in which case you could infer that 100 to 500 would be too.
slight differences in throwing distances from 100, 300 to 500 according to projector central dot com, but you should be Ok with zooming to get the size back.

check you menu what's the offset for 100. 300 is w/32, 500 is w/29 or the other way i can't rememer. However, the diffences is small.

For instance, if you have SS of 92, w would be 80

comparing 300-500 we have offsets of 80/29 - 80/32 = 0.25"

THAE500 is Japnese ONLY

PTL500U is consumer division US only

PTAE500U is Business division US only

PTAE500E is Europe ONLY
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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