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Quick question, 12awg or 10awg

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Im running speaker cable inside the walls to my monitor rs6 speakers. The cable in the walls will be hooked into wallplates with in/outlets like these:


The cable will need to be roughly 35ft for each speaker.

Now, should I go 12awg or 10awg? Does it matter? Am I going to have trouble putting it into the wall plate inserts?
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I say go with 10awg if you are going through the trouble anyway.
At 35' per run, 12 or 10 awg isn't going to make any difference. That being said if your going to all this trouble if putting them in your walls go with 10. The price difference is minimal and you won't be saying. WOW that sounds great, but what if??? when your done.
If your connectors can fit #10 AWG, just go with 10. Look at the connector spec to see if they can take #10.
run double wire, incase you want to bi-wire in the future.

I ran two 12 ga. to each speaker and use both.
Both of those are overkill. 14 guage is perfectly fine for anything under 50ft.
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