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Quick question about HD-DVD discs...

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I'm brand new to HD-DVD movies. Do all HD-DVD discs come with the standard version on the other side? Reason is, I have netflix and at home we have a standard player in the bedroom. Sometimes the girlfriend and I like to watch movies in there instead of the living room. I've heard about "combo" discs. Are they all like that? Thanks!
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No, they are not all like that. Only those specifically marked as 'Combo' disks will also have the DVD-playable format.
No they do not. Some people love the combo discs, and some hate them. Personally, I think they just unnecessarily raise the price. Since you may want to watch them in two different locations, you may like them.
I love the Combo Discs and have never had a problem with a single one - not even the Netflix rentals.
Yeah, it would be nice if they made them all like that. It's kind of unfortunate that they don't. What kind of problems do people report with them?
Some people report disc reading errors on the HD side of the combos. But many people report read errors even on non-combo discs, so I have to think it's not the combo manufacturing process that's at always at fault.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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