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sup fella's!!

I been going through these forums for quite some time now and i must say, there is a ton of info on here which is a lot more than any other tv review/related site.

Anyway moving on to the question. I am looking at purchasing Panasonic TC-P50S30. Any input on how the 3D quality and picture quality in general is? Also, i plan on making it my primary PC monitor as well.

Its going to be in the basement so glare isn't really an issue. Looks good to me from online reviews and all but i am sort of iffy on the whole plasma vs led thing. I love the picture of a plasma but there is one too many horror stories online and i dont want to get stuck with any.

Any input on this would be highly appreciated.

Thanks all for your input here and thanks to all the others who loaded this site for noob consumers like myself. Excellent work
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