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Quick question about Tvix and external HDD's

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I just have a really quick question about the Tvix units. I'm interested in getting the 6500 and I know that it's not releases yet but I'm hoping that it's somewhat close to the existing units. I plan on putting a 1TB HDD in it. Right now my Mvix 5000R has a 400 GB HD in it but it's already running low on space due to DVD Rips and other files.

I know that the Tvix units has 2x USB Host ports, so would it be able to connect (2) 1TB External USBs and therefore have 3TB available? And if so would they show up as one large folders (i.e. right now I have a seperate TV/Movie file on my one 400GB, so would it be possible to show a Movie file on all 3 drives as one large Movie file?) Thanks a lot for your time.
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On the Tvix you have a panel at the top of the screen that lets you choose internal storage, network storage, usb port etc.

So in summary the answer to your question is that although you can connect the external drives as you suggest it will show (and have to be selected) as three different sources of information.

This is one of the reasons that I'm running a central storage server (WHS).

Hope this helps.

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Is it possible to make background in size 1080x1920 ??

Best regards

Fredrik in Sweden
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