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Quick question to save me time. :)

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Thanks in advance.

I have

Samsung DLP HLP466W TV

Samsung HD-850 DVD player

HD Cable box with an HDMI & DVI

I have a DVI cable with a DVI to HDMI adapter. I tried to use this by connecting my TV input (DVI to DVI/HDMI adapter) into the cable box, but it left a lound hissing noise..

Since my Recevier is not setup yet, I have to go behind the TV and unplug the Red/White Audio cables for the box and plug the ones from the DVD player in

Maybe I am just a rookie, but what is the ideal setup. I do not hear any sound when I watch the TV using the HDMI cable, which I thought also carried sound.

After I setup the Surround sound, I envisin the following.

1) TV to Cable box HDMI (Video and Sound, which I can not hear???)

2) DVD to TV DVI to DVI (DVD with HDMI adapter)

Sound from DVD via Coxal to receiver.
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HDMI carries audio AND video. DVI doesn't carry the audio - it's video only. Don't use those cheapie red and white RCA cables for your audio if you can help it. Try to use optical digital (a.k.a. toslink) or coax digital cables. See what your equipment will handle.

I got a 6' length of each from partsexpress.com for $8.80 and $9.50 (I forget which was which). Accessories4less, knukonceptz and monprice also have cheap prices on good stuff.
Let me rephrase my question.

I have the following components.

Samsung DLP HLP466W TV

Samsung HD-850 DVD player

HD Cable box with an HDMI & DVI

Yamaha 7.1 channel receiver (3 years old) surround sound which will only be using 5.1

2 HDMI Cables

1 DVI Cable

1 DVI to HDMI adaptor.

How should I hook up my system so I do not need a HDMI switch box?
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First off, do you plan on using the TV's built-in speakers? If so, you can just go HDMI straight to TV for both audio and video. If your TV has DVI inputs only, then you can go DVI to TV for video and red/white to TV for audio. You may need to configure the TV to correctly match the audio with video.

If you're gonna exclusively use the receiver for all audio. I'd go HDMI or DVI from cable and DVD player to TV, and digital optical or coax from each to the receiver for audio. If you're receiver has HDMI switching which it probably isn't (since 3yo), then you may set it up differently.
OK I will use

Cable BOX to TV (DVI) (VIDEO)

Cable Box to Receiver (Optical) (AUDIO)


DVD to Reveiver (Coax) (AUDIO)

Sound good?

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Oops. I was editing while you responded. Sounds good to me. If you think you might use the TV's speakers at all, you should be able to go HDMI from both cable and DVD player, so you transmit both audio and video through 1 cable to TV. If not, the above setup should work.
Yes right now I have to use the tv speakers until I am all setup with the receiver and the wiring for 5 speakers.

I think there is only 1 set of (White/Red) speaker audio inputs ont eh back of my TV for DVI/HDMI.

Tonight I am going to try and push the sound from my Cable box through the HDMI cable and not the Red/White.

Then use the Red/White for the DVD player?

Do you think this will work?
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It should. Use the HDMI for both audio & video to TV for whatever you use more (i.e. cable vs dvds). Just make sure the red/white matches the correct video input. Any better suggestions from others?
I wish I had 2 HDMI inputs in the rear of this TV.

I only have the following

1-Rear DVI - HDTV Digital Visual Interface

1-Rear HDMI - High Definition Multimedia Interface

2-Rear HD Component Video Input
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Do you have the speakers or are they a future purchase? If you just want cheap speakers then look at the Polk R30 deal at outpost.com - $40 apiece for some decent things that are much better than the TV speakers. Otherwise, if you are going to methodically plan your purchase of a matched set of five speakers then ignore my advice.

I agree with your point #5 but be advised that you will only have audio from your TV speakers from the DVD (and not from the cable box) because the DVI doesn't transmit audio.
Hey Thx for the response.

I have 2 main AR towers (4 yrs old, powered)

I ordered these (AR Wireless Speakers (AW871)) for my rears

I also have about a 7 yr old Center Polk Audio. I assume I should buy a AR center?

I foget my Yamaha Recevier Model number. I will post ti here tomorrow with a link. Thx for everyones help. I have been out of the loop for so long!

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Will your Yamaha allow you to tweak the volume settings for each speaker? If so, get a Radio Shack SPL meter to adjust your speaker settings for differences in efficiency and distance to listening position. I was STUNNED when I used the pink noise generator in order to tweak my settings. My center channel sounded radically different than my front left and right even though it was supposedly matched for my front speakers. It's tough to tell that when you are listening to music or dialogue.

I have now been converted to the 'buy three identical front speakers when possible' camp.

I suppose the long story short is don't assume that just because the speakers are by the same manufacturer that they will give you a seamless soundstage. I think you should try to see if you can get speakers with the same drivers and crossover at a minimum. That may bring them really close (although a small center speaker won't sound the same as two floorstanding fronts because of the cabinet size.)
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