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hey guys,

i tried searching for the answer but came up empty so hoping someone could help me real quick.

i have a pioneer elite receiver and currently have 3 martin logan speakers.

i have 2 source speakers (R L) and a center channel speaker.

i just added the center channel and so up till now my receiver was set on "stereo" since i only had 2 front speakers.

now that i have a center channel i am wondering what the optimal settings are for my set up.

basically my goal is to have all the dialogue come thru the center channel while the rest of the ambient noise comes through the two front speakers.

i'm def a noob so the simplest most easy to follow tips would be greatly appreciated.

and i am not planning on adding rear speakers anytime soon, so advice for how to optimize this 3 speaker set-up would be great.


ps: i have a sony blu ray and pioneer 50" kuro tv.

the vast majority of my viewing is blu-ray discs and HD channels.

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you need to go into the receiver's setup menu and select the center channel speaker as on, so the receiver knows the system is a 3.0 setup. Then you need to feed the audio from the blu-ray and the set top box (cable or satellite ? ) to the receiver via HDMI (if your receiver can handle audio over HDMI) or by Toslink optical cables. If you are using red/white stereo analog connections you will not be able to get the Dolby digital multichannel input.
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