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Quick setup question....

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With everyone saying that the audio is superb, I am assuming that there is something not setup correctly with my receiver. I have an HK635 with the A1 hooked up via analog and via optical. I use the analog setting when watching HD, and have an optical connection for SD. Usually when I watch an HD movie the receiver is set at -40db, which fills up the living room with sound very well. SD movies will cause me to bump up the volume to -32db.

Now with the Matrix, and with it on DDtrueHD, I had to have it turned up to -22db just to feel like I was experiencing anything. I recently purchased a new stereo rack, but I am sure everything was put back in the right order, as other movies haven't caused this issue. Is anyone else noticing that the Matrix has to be at a higher level, or do I just have some setting not correct.
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TrueHD always seems to require a higher volume level. There are several theories floating around as to why, but the end result is the same - TrueHD sounds great, but you have to crank it up a bit.
Hmmm... guess I need to go try Batman Begins to compare. Cause I just don't remember it having to be that high before. Even on DD+ it seemed to be on the softer side. Maybe I am just afraid of working the reciever a little harder than what I am used to.
You must have very efficent speakers - my normal setting for DVD's is -12 and for True HD about -6.
I find there is usually a 4-5db difference between lossless (TrueHD/PCM) and DD/DTS on my setup. This seems to jive with quite a few folks. It is more than worth it
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Originally Posted by moovtune /forum/post/0

You must have very efficent speakers - my normal setting for DVD's is -12 and for True HD about -6.

Just Klipsch Reference Speakers all around.
Well maybe this weekend I will take a look behind the cabinet and see if I don't have something plugged in all the way. Otherwise if anything I can always clean up the jungle of wires behind there.
Well I figured out that when you unplug the HK it turns the EZSet off. All settings are stored, but the settings are turned off. Turned it back on, such a better sound. Thanks to those that offered a suggestion.

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