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Quick Start "cheat" for HD-DVD movies

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It's not that big of a cheat, but if you want to get to the movie as soon as possible once a disc is loaded, DON'T select "Play movie"in the menu, that usually goes to more logo screens or commentary disclaimers, just click on "Scene selection" and select the first chapter. You instantly go to the start of the movie.

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I´ve been doing this with my (S)-DVDs for a while now. Saves time!
I never used to mind the logo/intro screens before, but now I also skip right to scene 1 to avoid the (for some reason?), uncleaned up, stale looking graphic, like in Blazing Saddles for instance - it was the first hd dvd I threw in my player when coming home with the A2 (because I had recently watched the SD), the grainy as hell WB logo popped up and I thought *uh-oh, this is not gonna look much better than SD!* - thankfully, twas just the logo, as the movie started and I said, ahhhh - WHEW!

Yep, I now skip right to the 1st scenes, quickly becoming an hd only snob! =)
Never tryed this before, what a good idea ill try that the next time I watch a HDDVD.

All I've got left to watch is corpse bride and V for vendeda. I've seen both on DVD. I also watched a few scences on each HD-DVD to cheek the admired PQ,AQ. I think ill watch corpse bride as I've only seen that 2 times....

Or prehapps pulp fiction on DVD, that's what plags me so many movies and I can never decide which to watch.
Man, I can't believe that I have never thought of this, excellent idea!! Sort of like the invention of Bottled water, now why didn't I think of that, would have been rich right now.
GREAT tip! Thanks for sharing, PFreddy.


Originally Posted by grucl /forum/post/0

I´ve been doing this with my (S)-DVDs for a while now. Saves time!

I've been doing this for years with DVDs, and at one point a while back I noticed that they "wised up" in some cases and had it so the disclaimers would play if you selected scene one. The next time, I would select scene 2 and go back one chapter. Heh.
I guess I will Implement this new method now, as I am going to go watch superman returns...
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