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Rabbit ears? Or which antenna...

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Hey guys,

I'm new to the HDTV world. I just picked up a Sammy 5054 the other day. I currently have DISH network, but not the HD package. I don't watch a lot of TV (mostly dvd's) other than a few shows on Fox, and some sports...so I was thinking an antenna might be the perfect setup for me. I checked out antennaweb and here's what I came up with.

red - uhf W65AL 65 FOX MARTINSBURG PA 123° 3.4 65

blue - vhf WTAJ 10 CBS ALTOONA PA 350° 18.6 10

blue - vhf WJAC 6 NBC JOHNSTOWN PA 287° 35.1 6

violet - uhf WHVL-LP 29 MNT STATE COLLEGE, ETC. PA 33° 45.6 29

Now, I was happy to see that FOX was only 3.4 miles away... since that's probably what I watch the most. It's red... but I clicked the "Tall trees, airports" checkbox because there is an airport about a mile or so from me. It's a very small airport, so the red may be misleading.

So my question is... if I want to try rabbit ears, do I simply just hook them right into the back of the TV, and then turn the tv to channel 65? If the rabbit ears don't pick it up, what do you suggest next?

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It appears all the stations you listed are analog, won't do you any good to tune any of them in if you are looking for digital/HD.

I did a lookup at tvfool using 16662 and the nearest digital fox station is WWCP approximately 44 miles away. I suggest you use tvfool.com and enter your address then select Digital Only results.

You may want to check the HDTV Local Reception Info section here to see if there is a thread for your viewing area also, would put you in touch with people local to you to see what they are using for reception.
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