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Rack in the attic

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I have walk-in attic along one of my side walls in my HT and I am trying to see if I can build a rack into the attic to keep my components in. I have two questions:

1)How can I keep my components from heating up too much in the summer (live in Charlotte, NC and this attic gets pretty hot in the summer)?

2) Should I insulate the sides or the back of the rack with anything to stop the cold in the winter or heat in the summer to go into the HT?
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I would build a box around it and route A/C duct with a damper to it. This way you can open or close as needed to keep the temperature within normal specs.
AC duct sounds like a great idea. I have a good friend that's in the custom cabinet business and he told me he'll be able to build the cabinet for next to nothing. I was a little surprised when I saw the steel and aluminum rack prices on the internet. If anybody knows a cheap alternative to that, can you let me know.
Second the motion for AC duct. Keep us posted on what you do!
AC duct sounds nice in theory, but you'll have to think about condensation building up when the A/C stops and heat builds back up.

Just a thought.
I will do a connection and experiment with it. I am hoping to tackle the dry wall this weekend between the room and this attic. Hopefully next weekend, I can work on the rack.
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