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Hi all,

New member here hoping to tap into the vast intellectual resources on the AVS forums...

I work in an IPTV NOC for a rural telephone company. My question relates to the audio connectivity for our two local origination channels. I'll do my best to describe the current setup and then ask for suggestions afterwards.

As of now both local origination channels are sharing the same audio stream for background music. We have a Nexus One server that outputs the audio for these channels over an SDI cable that is connected to the SDI input on the back of a Behringer Ultramatch Pro unit. The audio signal then leaves the Ultramatch pro via Left and Right XLR cables. These XLR's plug into an XLR patch panel which has been soldered to share the incoming signal from the Ultramatch Pro accross to another set of XLR's. From here the two sets of XLR's on the other side of the patch panel connect into our Tandberg encoder modules which mesh the audio signal with the video feeds for both channels (channel 'X' displays a constant slideshow with ads for local businesses and such, and channel 'Y' is our local weather channel that displays weather forecasting for our telephone exchange areas).

Everything works great now with one exception: When playing local church services or high school sporting events off of the Nexus One server, the audio is still being shared accross both channels. So customers watching our weather service will hear the audio from the church sermon or sporting event.

We currently circumvent the problem by unplugging the XLR patch cables for channel 'Y' so that the irrelevant audio feed is not being passed through. It works, but at the expense of having no background audio on channel 'Y' and it is a pain to make sure a person can be on site at the appropriate time to unplug the cables beforehand and plug them back in afterwards. Which leads me to my actual question:

Is there a small, 1RU rackmountable device that acts as a dedicated audio server? If there is one available that has remote management capabilities that would be even better. That way I could have it connected directly to channel 'Y' and not have to worry about the audio feed from the Nexus One server changing.

I understand that we can connect the audio output from either an mp3 or cd player to channel 'Y', but for the sake of cleanliness and avoiding stacking devices on top of rack mounted equipment it would be better to have a dedicated rack mountable device.

Thank you to anyone who has taken the time to read through this lengthy post. I'm looking forward to any suggestions/feedback.


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