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I did some searching on this forum and haven't seen any recent information (nothing since 2011), so I thought I'd raise the topic again.

I have a rack mounted system with two displays that are remotely located. The rack is in the basement and one of the displays (Samsung HD Smart TV) is one floor up and the other (Epson HD Projector) is on the roof, 4 floors away. I'd like to have a display on the rack with which I can more easily do configuration of the AVR. (My RF remote is not the best.) Additionally I'd like to use the local display to experiment with various display configurations (in particular, parallel vs. switched, HDMI vs. component) without having to climb stairs to see how it's working. My intent would be to temporarily use the local display instead of one of the remote displays and do all my troubleshooting, configuration, and experimentation locally.

At a minimum I'd like to have Component and HDMI input options on the rack-mounted display. Composite and S-Video would also be nice since those are options on my AVR, but I don't see myself using those options very much, if at all.

The following Totevision monitor seems to fit the bill. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/produ...on_led_1563hdtr_led_1563hdt_15_6_full_hd.html

1. Does anybody have any experience with this monitor or with Totevision in general?
2. I recognize that by testing locally, I'm eliminating one of my most likely configuration culprits (the long distance wire-run), but am I losing any other testing viability by using this "monitor" instead of a "TV?"


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Does it HAVE to be rack-mounted? If not, i'd think you could just use a small $100 LCD TV with HDMI, Component, and Composite instead of a $500 monitor. Maybe you could fabricate a slick rack-mounted facia then attach the TV to backside to mimic the look of that monitor, and save $400 ;)

This thread may be of interest:


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