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Rack Mounted Music Server

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My situation is this.

I have 1000 plus cd's in 2 Sony Megachangers. I use a 160 gig ipod during parties for playlists and functional time constraints.

I would like an audiophile quality rack mounted addition to replace the 2 400 mega ch and the ipod.

I would like cd quality storage outputed digitally via hdmi, optical or coax digital.

I would like to be able to have a tray on the server to load and rip new cd's to the server.

Also a video output for the tv with a RF remote so I can change and skip songs on the go.

I am very interested in the Wadia and DLO docks shown at Mac Expo.

I would like to spend under $1,000.

I don't want anything computer based. I prefer to keep those 2 worlds separate for a little longer.

Thanks for any help.
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No PC huh? That's the only thing thats going to get you all that in a single rackmount box.

Other wise it's A NAS & a Streamer as discrete items.

The NAS is a no brainer in rackmount.

And separate streamer/player (good luck with the rack mount on that).

OK you might balk. But I recommend the ReadyNAS rackmount for the storage.

And a modded xbox for the playback. With a wireless xbox controller, you'll fly around your music selection building party play lists as you go. Tunr on the Milkdrop visuals and your party goers will trip out to your DJ'ing mastery. Hide the xbox so people wont know what a lowly piece of hardware is absolutely kicking everything else to the curb in this market.

And yeah it'll do digital out via fiber to your 'audiophile' quality amp to turn back into analog.

And it'll do the ripping for you too. But another pc/laptop might be better for that. And you can rip to FLAC, keeping all that sonic goodness intact.
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Sheesh. What is it with modded xbox's on this forum? A Sonos or Logitech squeezebox can do 100k songs, if you don't want video. I think the Logitechr equires a PC type Server, not a NAS while I think the Sonos can handle a NAS (not sure tho.)

The other thing to look at is something like the request or russound systems.
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