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Rack mounting a Casa Nova

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I own a Theta Casa Nova processor. I assumed that I could place this unit in a Middle Atlantic rack using a typical rack shelf, like all of my other equipment. It turns out that the body of the Casa Nova is about 1/2 inch or so wider than the opening of the rack. The faceplate of the CN is about an inch wider. I thought about notching the rack to allow the body to fit, but this interferes with the shelf mounting. Has anyone else had to deal with this problem?
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There are strict standards from EIA for rack mount dimensions. I know Theta is a very expensive product. Mid Atlantic racks are EIA compliant as far as I have seen. I would call customer support or engineering at Theta and ask WTF? Obviuosly they can't do anything about it now but it's interesting for all that money they can't adhere or don't know about industry standards.

I have seen this before where consumer product manufactures try to incorporate professional standards in so called "high end" products with first researching those standards and understanding why they exist.

I really love the some of the snooty high end power amplifier manufactures that use "professional quality banana posts" and don't put them on 3/4" centers.
I also have a Casa Nova but it's on a salamander rack.

At one point I had my Nova inside the rack instead of on top and it acted funny and got a little warm at times.

I learned from Theta that this unit needs room to cool. So just keep in mind that the unit will malfunction if it does not have enough air space. I bet you have some fans in the rack anyway though.

You could also post your question here:

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