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Is there a big difference in dvd and tvout using component to 1080i versus vga out to same tv at 480p. I have a mitsubshi that is limited to 640 by 480 on its vga port. It can do 1080i on its dtv component inputs. I am toying with getting a transcoder and I component switch but I have alread spent a ton of money and I don't think I an get another $400 by my CFO(translated my wife).

I know the OS would benifit greatly for the increased resolution but am not sure of how it will affect tvout and dvd picture quality. Please don't be shy chime in I am fairly new to this and I am in need of help.

My Setup

Mitsubshi 65" platinum plus

Onkyo tx 575

Sony 300+1 dvd carousel

Samsung SIR T-150

Sony 200 CD Carousel

Polk Audio speaker system with powered sub


Amd 1800XP w/Zalman Alcu 6000 fan

C-media spdif 6ch soundcard

HP 200i dvd writer

Radeon AIW 7500

Digital Conn ATX desktop Case w/ quiet ps

Windows XP pro
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