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I'm having a problem getting my the radeon 9600 (sapphire, 128MB) in my HTPC to output a 1080p signal to my 46" Sony Bravia V series (KDL46V251L1), which accepts 1080p through HDMI. All new drivers.

I have the card connected via DVI-to-HDMI cable. When I set the card to [email protected], the 720p signal displays. When I set the card to [email protected], it displays at 1080i, though the image is bad (text appears doubled or ghosted, or generally just messed up). When I set the card to [email protected], the display goes blank.

Using the same DVI-to-HDMI cable with my laptop, I can set my laptop's card to [email protected] and display a perfectly good 1080p signal on the TV (the TV display confirms that it is in 1080p). So, the problem appears to be confined to the HTPC, not the TV or the cable.

Can anyone suggest why this might be failing? I've installed the latest drivers from the ATI website and tweaked anything I can think of.

I'd greatly appreciate any help.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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