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Well after playing around with DVD and DivX (5.01) Playback on computer monitor, Standard TV and HDTV I discovered what many have saying around here for a l-o-n-g time.

I live in Aussie land so the playback of DVD rentals are all in PAL.

With nVidia chipset you get good playback of DVD with very good results and no studdering of videos and excellent consistent results on Dolby Digital streamed from the sound card to Decoder Sony receiver.

Well - recently Aussie land have been flooded with Radeon chipset based cards that have fallen dramatically in cost. I picked up a radeon 7500 for $198 Aust. (that translates to $99 US approx)

And my vote is -----> Radeon!

The colors are richer, more vibrant, no studdering, in fact even Divx 5.01 and older Divx codecs are rendered with better quality with added filters that are clever enough to rise and fall post processing load on the CPU as needed (Divx or MPEG derived standards only).

In 720p timings to a Sony HD, it looks spectacular from the radeon output.

What gets me is the depth or feel of 3D to the actual playback on the Radeon. (Now the nVidia chipset could do all the framing and timings really well but with a flat look to it) With Radeon - very different story.

The experience is like you are looking right into the movie (Corelli's Madolin for water scene comes out murky on the nVidia chipset example, there are mountain scenes in the distance with no detail on nvidia chipset but on the radeon extra detail clearly stands out)

I must qualify the above - yes we know all about gamma, bightness and contrast and saturation controls gets very subjective here and has dramatic affects on output) but when you freeze certain frames the Radeon wins hands down taking this into account.

I do not know about Nvidia G 3 and 4's. I have not tested these so I must quality to G 2 level in nVidia cards.

I am running Windows Me with the latest Direct x 8.1 and reference drivers for ME from Radeon.

All I need now is DILA projector to throw the image wall size.

The overlay DXVA is working on all accounts.

I am a reluctant convert to the Radeon chipset.

BTW - We still do not have a single word from any manufacturer when we'll get our own DVB-T HDTV tuner card for a PC!

(I'll be looking into importing my own and reselling them when certain business deals settle later this year)

System: PIII overclocked to around 950MHz 128MB RAM,

Radeon 7500, 40 Gig IBM 7200RPM Hard Drive,

Old Pioneer DVD drive (very quiet), Sony RW Burner

CMI-8738 based Sound Card (Nightingale equivalent) with Optical/SP/DIF outs and six analogue outs.

Motherboard is a Via chipset (with updates on DMA, IDE bus mastering and an update of Bios no problems)


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