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Radeon X700 worth upgrading from x300?

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Just got the Dell 8400 with a Radeonx300 SE 128mb. This system is pretty fas and I am happy. Is it worth upgrading to the x700 as I can sell the x300 I got on ebay for about $40 and Best Buy sells the Radeon x700 256mb for $199.

IS it worth the Upgrade? I both game and play movies through a projector on my HTPC
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Since you game, in short Yes...

But have you found an AGP X700 for 199.00?

Or is the Dell PCI-E?
Best Buy and Compusa have the PCI-E x700 for $199

The max resolution I can run on the projector is 1224 x 768

IS it still worth the upgrade running at those resolutions
Yes the X700 should give you much better game play at those resolutions.

X300se = 4 pixel pipelines, 64bit memory bus etc.

X700 = 8 pixel pipelines, 128bit memory bus etc.
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