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RAID controller w/ expansion ability

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Hi Everyone-

I'm stil somewhat debating whether I should RAID my data or not. It's mostly rips so I have the 'raw' data, but it takes a lot of time.

I'm looking for a RAID card that can expand without starting the RAID5 over again. This would allow me to start with 3 drives and then expand from there. Any ideas? I'm thinking at least 8 ports and I'm not looking for something too fancy as this will just be streaming video.

Thanks for your help,

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As far as I know, all modern hardware RAID cards allow you to add drives. The only caveat is the standard RAID requirement that all the drives be of the same size. Expect to pay $400 and up for an 8-port card.
I use this for raid5 and have added 2 drives since starting and works perfect

but like candre23 said most modern cards let you expand. Mines not the fastest but I use it for the same use you want one for just streaming and it works perfect. I was looking for a cheaper card that would still give most functions and this is what I chose.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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