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As part of a larger project, I'm refinishing the third floor of my house as a home cinema. It's a historic property, so I'm trying to match the style of the rest of the building and use as much original material as I can.

There used to be one room, about 15' x 50', up there with a wood floor and plaster lath walls. The plaster was in bad shape, so I had it removed. The rafters forming the old ceiling are pretty good looking, and the rest of the house has exposed beams in the ceiling, so I thought we'd build the new ceiling on top of the beams instead of under. It's still not a very high ceiling (for an old house or a cinema), though. I think it's about 90" to the bottom of the beams (another 6" or so of beam to the ceiling).

I've divided the room into two rooms, the smaller being a machine room (containing the AC/furnace and electronics) that's squarish. The dividing wall will be where the screen is. Screen will be about 9' x 5'. I plan to put it pretty high on the wall. Even as high as it can go, it's still not more than 15˚ above eyeline from 12' away or so.

Looks to me like this will work great for one row of seats, and with a modest rise for a second row if desired. Most of the time, there won't be many people, so I'm not overly worried about more seating day-to-day. Thought I'd try to use tall furniture instead of building the floor up.

Other than the projector, which will be about in-between where two rows of viewers would be, and as high up as I can put it (the projector has a wide lens shift and zoom range). I don't think it'll be in anyone's way.

The area above the ceiling will be an accessible attic (hatch in the machine room) to maintain wire and climate control to the big room. There's lighting up in there too (recessed above the ceiling), but there should still be room to get around- the roof is steeply pitched and rises well above the ceiling in the middle.

Question is, should I move the ceiling up a bit for any reason while it's still easy to do? We've had to remove and reseat beams to clean and finish them anyway, so they could be moved a little with no trouble and a lot (as much as 2' without much hassle) if we shortened them a bit. I'm reluctant to change them without a good reason, but figured I'd see if I'm missing anything.

If it were your room would you want it to be taller? Maybe I should post some pictures.

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