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RAM cables as good as bettercables and bluejeanscable?

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My 50" 7UY is being delivered in a few hours. And I have an HDTivo and component DVD player.

since the HDMI card isn't out, and fear of the bad HDMI on the tivo I'm going component for now.

I hopefully will upgrade to a DVI dvd player and maybe hook the tivo up via HDMI eventually.

So my question is, RAM electronics cables, are so much less expensive than bettercables.com or bluejeanscable.com . especially their HD15 to component RCA cable of which I was going to use so that I can hook up 2 devices via component. $22 vs. $100 from bettercables.

Also, their RCA to BNC component cables are less. But I'm wondering if the component cable that comes with my Tivo is a crappy cable or not.

Just trying to figure out how much money to spend on cables and how much the diminishing returns on spending more on cables is.
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I purchased the RAM Connectivity cables and I am happy with them. They are very high quality high bandwidth cables. I have not done a side-by-side comparison with Bettercables or any other company's cables. But I can't image the more expensive cables being better or resulting in better PQ.
I typically use Calrad cables for most devices. I'm not sure if they make what you are looking for though. But I will say their RCA (the 8mm ones), RCA splitters, and Optical (metal tip version) are very nice.

To be perfectly honest, I have yet to really see a major improvement between using a $20-40 and a $100-500 cable. There is such a thing called the entire signal path. If you don't have electrical components that have internal signal paths that are super high quality, your cable will NOT be the weakest link in the chain, meaning that you can put anything that is as good or higher quality then the weakest link and will get about the same performance. All the cable needs to do is block external RF or EF and it will work.

Now if it is/was a digital signal, then just about any cable will work. And I really mean that. It is such that it will either work and you will see the picture (and/or hear the sound), or the picture or sound will be completely un-usable (i.e. you will either have perfect picture, or complete garbage with not even a discernable image).

To be honest, if you can digital is the way to go assuming that your final stop has good DAC's (and/or digital display's to begin with).
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Originally posted by gadgetfreaky
Also, their RCA to BNC component cables are less. But I'm wondering if the component cable that comes with my Tivo is a crappy cable or not.
You can easily judge by the cable thickness. All the cables which came with my equipment were trash - very thin, looking exactly like the $1 video cables sold by $.99 stores. And performing as trash. I've seen the AC hum bands while feeding my Panasonic TH-42PWD6UY component input via those $1 cables. The bands were all gone after I upgraded to BlueJeansCables.

And for my short run (6 feet) I have to admit even BlueJeansCables are overkill. I did AB comparison of my BlueJeansCables with generic component cables (something like $15) from my local Electornic Parts Outlet store - I did not see any difference.

Note: the generic component cables I mentioned are not the like-$1-cables which are typically included with the equipment, they are much thicker and probably are equivalent to the RAM Electronics cables.
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I'm using the cables that Cox gave me with there HD cablebox. There so good I'm not even looking at any other cables and I'll bet they didn't cost tham very much.

I have two 30 foot component and one 30 foot HDMI cable from RAM. My impression is that they are outstanding and worth every penny. Plus, they are local for me and I can pick stuff up! Tom in their tech support area is also outstanding.
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