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I haven't had a good paycheck till today recently, so I decided to celebrate by orering a smattering of movies.

I just ordered

The Mummy

The Mummy Returns

Robin Hood

The Searchers

Four Brothers



Brokeback Mountain

The Matador

Lady in the Water

The Deer Hunter

How'd I do?

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I base my rankings not only on quality of movie, but re-playability. Therefore here you go

both mummies (7 movie, 8 Replay)

Robin Hood (7 movie, 2 Replay)

Searchers (6 Movie, 2 Replay)

Four Brothers (5 movie, 2 REplay)

Serenity ( 9 Movie, 9 Replay)

Casino (9 movie, 8 replay)

Brokeback (9 Movie, 5 Replay)

matador (8 movie, 7 replay)

Lady in the water (haven't seen yet)

Deer Hunter (10+ movie, 1 Replay)

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Originally Posted by chotaBK /forum/post/0

good choice. i assume you have all the top rated PQ titles?

i wouldve traded out lady, brokeback, and four brothers. but to each his/her own.

go hd-dvd!

Yeah, I have the usual suspects.
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